Who are we?

7 May 2020

The digital revolution is profoundly changing the way we live, the way we consume, and the way we work. Freelancers, start-ups and big businesses alike are adapting their working practices as their needs evolve.

In response to this major trend, YouFirst Collaborative offers private and shared workspaces and meeting spaces, all with a wide range of services, that meet customers’ demand for flexibility, agility and comfort.

YouFirst, a continuity of experience in the heart of the city

We create living spaces, and our properties create connections and experiences. Our ambition is to offer our customers a high quality of service and relationship, adapted to their changing needs.

That is why we developed an offering that meets the daily needs of our occupants in the long term and on a daily basis: YouFirst.

Whether in the office, in a collaborative space, at home or on campus, YouFirst is dedicated to all those who, like us, want to fully live a continuity of experience in the heart of the city.

Learn more about YouFirst : www.youfirst.co

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