YouFirst Collaborative launches its private office offering
YouFirst Collaborative private offices: a flexible, restriction-free, “turnkey” offering to help your business grow

29 May 2020

Secondesk has changed its name to YouFirst Collaborative, but it remains just as determined to help businesses find flexible, on-demand workspaces. We’ve revamped our private office offering to give you even more freedom, with inspiring, comfortable spaces where your teams can collaborate and do their best work.

Flexible offices in Neuilly, at the heart of Paris’ business districts

Are you a fast-growing company looking for offices in Paris to accommodate new staff in the best possible conditions? Then look no further than our premises at 159 Avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly – a prime location part-way between the La Défense business district and l’Étoile, at the heart of a future 14,000 sq. m office complex. The site is easy to get to, just a few minutes from metro line 1 (Pont de Neuilly and Les Sablons) and features vast, brightly lit, private open-plan offices.

Every detail is designed to help you work at your best. Our sociable, modular workspaces are fully furnished and equipped and rental periods start at a minimum of 6 months, from €680 ex. VAT per workstation.

If you need more freedom and mobility, then welcome to our YouFirst Collaborative offices

Put your computer on your desk, connect to our secure Wi-Fi network, and you’re ready to get down to work! With our private offices, everything is included and ready as soon as you move in: equipment, printers, storage, connections and more.

There are shared meeting rooms on every floor, complete with board, screen and sofa. You can hold meetings with your customers or arrange more informal collaborative working sessions for your employees whenever it suits you.

Premium, bespoke office services for your business

Our offices are equipped with elegant designer furniture, raw materials, warm, neutral colours and carefully designed finishes of the highest quality. They reflect the modern, premium image you want to project to your employees and customers.

Your offices are secure and for your use only, with storage in each space for your every need. There’s also a dedicated reception on site for your teams, as well as a café on the 8th floor, complete with fully equipped kitchen, open between 9am and 7pm.

With YouFirst Collaborative, you’re more than an occupier. You’re at home.

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